#NSAC is a family. May you know such bliss.

It is my wish that everyone has a moment such as this in their life. I am lucky to have had several of them. There is nothing like it; I want more. Not just for me. But for you. My students. Circle Advertising. Class of 2013. “Panther Bliss” A step above the madness.

Two-year Chapman NSAC competitor Myles Scovill drops in

  On Thursday afternoon as I was teaching Principles of Advertising in the haunted classroom of Marion Knott Studios a familiar face appeared unexpectedly but cheerfully in the long vertical window next to the door in the back of the room.   It was not an apparition.   It was a creative type.   Myles

Congratulations to the fictional RPA advertising agency of Principles of Advertising

In the first week of the semester of Principles of Advertising (#PrincAd) students are assigned to represent an advertising agency. As members of this mock agency they will complete various advertising projects together throughout the semester, culminating in their presentation of a book and 20-minute pitch during the final exam. Between two sections of #PrincAd

Blondie is in charge

It’s a new world order. Women are taking over. Blondes are leading the way. Maybe it has something to do with Hillary Clinton’s aspirational, credible turn as Secretary of State. Maybe after a generation of “dumb blonde” jokes symptomatic of oppression and dismissiveness by white, male, cigar chomping capitalists the blondies reached deep within to